Austin's Summer Breeze "Summer"

Mini Australian Labradoodle

Sire:  Ocean State's Hot Commodity

Dam: Austin's My Belle

Summer Breeze is friendly and loves to play. She goes on daily walks with her human parents and loves to travel in their camper with them. She loves to please and is always ready to go on an adventure. Summer has never met a stranger. Her favorite pets are tummy rubs, and cuddling in a chair with her human companions is her favorite spot in the world. We love her red coat coloring and soft wavy fleece.

Hips OFA                         Good


Elbows                             Normal


CERF                               Normal


PrcdPRA                          Clear


Cardiac                            Normal


Patella's                           Normal


vWD                                 Clear


EIC                                   Clear


IC                                     Carrier


Parti                                 No


Size                                  Mini


Color                                Bbee


Coat                                  Fleece

Color                                 Red


Registration ALAA            051126

Registration WALA       00000375

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