Puppies are assigned to their forever families at 8 weeks of age when families come to pick them up.  We post pictures of puppies every week or two.  We ask families to narrow their choice to 2 or 3 puppies before coming to choose to make it easier. Families arrive in order of deposit received. All puppies have perfect pet dispositions as tested at 7 weeks and all are checked out by our vet at 7 weeks of age. Every puppy is a great pick and will make an excellent companion.

Reserving a Puppy

 Please keep in mind that it is in Mother Nature’s hands to determine gender, color of future puppies.  Although we will do our very best to match your preferences, this may not always be possible. In the event that you are offered a puppy that does not meet your wishes, your deposit will be rolled over to the next available similar litter.

Scroll to bottom of page for reservation form.

Thank you for your interest in an Austin's  Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle. The cost of one of our puppies is $2,850.The price includes Texas sales tax. We require a non-refundable reservation fee of $500. The remaining balance of $2350 is to be paid when puppies are six weeks of age, if paying by check. If paying when picking up puppy at 8 weeks of age, balance must be paid by cash or cashier's check. This is the pet price for a puppy. Cost of a breeding dog is $10,000 to $14,000.


If interested in one of our beautiful puppies, scroll down,  fill out and submit  the form below. You may request gender, color, etc. However, understand that this could mean a longer wait time. Here is a good, brief explanation on differences between male and female dog.


Once we receive an application, we will send you information on  how to submit a deposit. When the deposit is received, you are on the list for a puppy.

We are a Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) approved breeder. Our dogs are registered with, and we follow all standards and genetic screening/testing of the WALA, which includes screening for hip dysplasia, eye disease, as well as other requirements. We do extensive genetic testing, socialization, neuro stimulation, and follow the highest of health standards. We are constantly researching the latest scientific data on raising healthy, socialized and confident puppies. What we best like about the WALA is their emphasis on education and research.


Our breeding dogs are selected for their excellent health, sweet personalities, coat quality, pedigree and confirmation. All are descended from top breeding facilities in Australia. As long as you provide positive soicalization and train your puppy, he will be a wonderful family pet.


Puppies stay in our bedroom during first two weeks. They are moved to a room of our home right off the kitchen at two weeks so that they hear our busy household and which allows us to check on them constantly. They are introduced to  sounds of the world into which they are going, such as fireworks, sirens and children playing. From birth onward, we give the puppies.neural stimulation as used by the U.S. military, as well as multiple stimuli and challenges, and socialization. We feed them the healthiest diet possible and make sure they have plenty of play activities. You can be assured that everything is being done to breed the healthiest Australian Labradoodle puppies possible.


The puppies love their playhouse where they have room for indoor play on hot or rainy days at 5 to 6.  It is spacious with lots of play things temperature controlled. In good weather, we take them outside for supervised play in their outdoor playyard. They go on woods walks on our property and strolls in a puppy buggy. Here they also learn that it is good to go outside for potty as they get lots of praise for this. We also interact them several times a day so there is plenty of human contact. Puppies are exposed to crates where they love to curl up and sleep to make training easier for their new family.

 Out of State Shipping


While the majority of our puppies are sold to Texas families, we do offer out of state service. We can bring your puppy to the airport if you want to bring him or her home in the plane cabin, which is the preferred way to transport the puppy. However, if you need to ship puppy via air cargo, average cost is  $350.  We crate train puppies so that puppy is relaxed during the flight.

All puppies come to you with:


  • Pedigree of up to 4 generations 

  • Two Year Health Guarantee 

  • Registration with the WALA

  • Puppy Care Instructions

  • The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell

  • Micro chipped

  • Health check by Veterinarian

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

  • De-Wormed

  • Puppy blanket with litter mate’s scent.

  • Healthy training treats and bully sticks

  • Ear cleaner and Fresh bath mist

  • Canvas tote bag

  • A Lifetime of support


   Contact:  austinlabradoodles@gmail.com

Application Form for a Puppy

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