Bonding with Your Puppy

What your puppy wants most is to love and bond with you. Canines are the only mammal besides humans that produce Oxytocin. They produce lots of it when being pet, or even gazing into the eyes of their human companions. Jennifer Arnold, a service dog trainer for over 25 years, started having her trainers use early bonding exercises with their puppies and their success rates skyrocketed. She went from just over 50% successfully trained dogs to close to 100%. In her book, Love Is All You Need, Jennifer explains the importance bonding activities with puppies. Manny other gems are included in her book, such as how to read dog body and bark language. While bonding , you will be watching puppy's body language to learn about his personality, what motivates him, what kind of things does he not like. Being a fun friend by playing with your dog is one way to bond. Play tug-a-war, fetch or hide and seek. When he's older, take him on hikes, swims, play fetch or do agility training. What you will get in return is what dogs give best: LOVE.

What kind of things do you do to bond with your labradoodle? Share what you got in return!

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