Austin C'mon Mary Ann "Annie"

Medium Australian Labradoodle

     Sire: SD Rebel in Disguise

     Dam: Austin's Ladye Baci

Annie is the most popular student at her middle school. She goes to work with her librarian Mom every day. The students love reading to her, loving on her and taking her on walks. Annie loves every student for the gifts they bring: Love, company and a spirit of play. Every school should have an Annie! Besides hanging out with the kids at the library, Annie enjoys long walks and visiting the many parks and outdoor eateries in her home town. She is the daughter of our sweet Baci and every bit as friendly and lovable. She has a soft wavy fleece coat of a beautiful milk chocolate shade. Annie's guardians are both teachers  in Houston, TX.

Hips Evet                         Good


Elbows                            Normal


CERF                               Normal


PrcdPRA                         Clear


Cardiac                          Normal


Patella's                         Normal


vWD                                Clear


EIC                                 Clear


IC                                   Clear


Parti                               No


Size                                Medium


Coat                               Fleece

Color                             Chocolate

Registration ALAA         061633

Registration WALA       00000348


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