Austin's Mia Amoreeta

Medium Australian Labradoodle

     Sire: SD Sheldon

     Dam: Austin's My Belle

Mia is a sweet quiet lady. She has soulful eyes that seem to know everything about you. Like a shadow, she is always by your side, following everywhere. She is smart and loves to learn and please her human family and friends. She loves other dogs and to go on walks to explore and discover. She lives with her guardian family in Round Rock, TX.

Hips                               Excellent

Elbows                           Normal


CERF                              Normal


PrcdPRA                        Clear


Cardiac                          Normal


Patella's                         Normal


vWD                                Clear


EIC                                 Clear


IC                                   Clear


Parti                               No


Size                                Medium


Color                              Bbee


Coat                               Fleece

Color                              Apricot/Red                                       

Registration ALAA         056531

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