Austin England's Rose "Rosie"

Medium Australian Labradoodle

Sire:   Austin Charles Dickens "Charlie"

Dam: Doodlelane's a Blizzard of One "Snowflake"

How could the daughter of our beloved Charlie and Snow, have any temperament but sweet and affectionate? Rosie is confident and outgoing, ready to show her innate affection and share her natural intuitive nature. She lives in a guardian home in Round Rock with her Mom and eight year old "brother" who looks forward to a Rosie hello when he gets home from school. Since our Maggie also lives with this lucky family, she is also there with her wagging tail and excitement to see him again, be it one minute or several hours have passed. Rosie has a gorgeous soft fleece cafe coat with lovely white markings. 

Hips                                Good

Elbows                           Normal


CERF                              Normal


PrcdPRA                        Clear


Cardiac                          Normal


Patella's                         Normal


vWD                                Clear


EIC                                 Carrier


IC                                   Clear

Size                                Medium


Coat                               Fleece

Color                              Chocolate
                                                                  Registration WALA       00000352

Registration ALAA        054422

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