Austin Ma Cherie "Bella"

Medium Australian Labradoodle

Sire: Shelby Avenue Crusader "Maxx" 

Dam: Doodlelane A Blizzard of One "Snowflake"

Meet Bella! Bella is the daughter of two of our sweetest dogs, Maxx and Snow. She lives with our guardian family in San Antonia with our retired My Belle" Gigi.  A perfect day for smart Bella includes going for a going for walk, playing with Gigi, then snuggling up for a nap on your lap. Bella is friendly and patient, yet loves to play. She loves people as much as her canine buddies!

Hips OFA                        Good

Hips Evet                       Excellent


Elbows                           Normal


CERF                              Normal


PrcdPRA                         Clear


Cardiac                           Normal


Patella's                          Normal


vWD                                 Clear


EIC                                   Clear





Size                                  Medium


Color                                 bbee


Coat                                  Fleece

Color                                Cream 


Reg #                WALA  00000362 

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