Taking reservations for 2018 puppies

Date shown is estimated date for puppy birth

Apricots / Red/ Chocolates/ Caramel/ Cream/ Black / Parti


We try to match preferences as much as possible. Mother Nature also dictates puppy choice. Photos and temperament testing at 7 weeks give information about the puppies. At  8 weeks families and puppies are matched to puppies. Families arrive in order of deposit received and we help match puppy to family. We raise the puppies in our home and try to protect the puppies from disease as much as possible by limiting visits. Thank you for understanding.  Litters are planned for 2018 that are not on the list below. Watch this space for updates!

Rosie X J. J.




 March 16




Reds and Caramels




Lux X Maxx




April 9




Caramels, Chocolates

Also Parti




Dutch Treat