Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to give you a brief update. First of all Frosty is a sweet, loving dog who is curious, energetic, playful, a quick leaner and just an absolute joy for Gloria and me. We could not be more pleased and feel so blessed. And we continue to be absolutely amazed that another one of your clients for this litter had not selected him.


After some separation anxiety on Saturday and Sunday, he is very comfortable in his new home. Frosty immediately loved his crate. Since I'm up by 5:00 AM, only have to get up once during the night to go outside to potty. He wakes me when it's time. He has learned to ring a bell during the day when he has to go out to potty. Expect to have him fully house trained by the end of next week. - Roger

My hope is beyond that we will begin training to become a therapy dog. She has such a love for people and they are drawn to her in such amazing ways I think she would work wonders in the hearts and lives of these children. So hopefully in the next year or two even more people will give thanks for all that you have given us.

With tears in my eyes and a heart full of happiness and joy, thank you!!  - Erin

Hazel is such a sweet, sweet girl.  We sent her to Angela Lebo of Woof Ranch for training and she was amazing.  I highly recommend her.   She went on and on about how smart Hazel is, what a quick learner and how well mannered. - SamanthaI

 I wanted to send you a picture of Kona on his 3 year birthday...


He has been such a joy to us – we are scared to ever get another dog because he has been so good!!!


He is a ‘daddy’s boy’ and the picture attached shows him waiting outside Terry’s office in our back yard.  Terry wasn’t in there, but Kona thought he was and waited on the step for over an hour.


Thought you would enjoy seeing how cute he is...


Overall, his health is good and he is doing great!



Baxter is growing up so fast! He is very smart and is in a training class.  He has become my little buddy. - Joy




I've been meaning to update you on how our magnificent Maggie is doing.  She is wonderful as you can see.  We are having so much fun watching her grow.  What a personality.  As you predicted, she is a real sweetheart.  She loves to snuggle and play.  She is a true people dog.  We've enjoyed her so much.  I know the extra time you gave her made a huge difference for us.  Since we brought her home, she has never once kept us awake due to whining.  We put a small kennel beside the bed as you did and she'd go right in and sleep through the night.  Thank you so much for giving her such a great start.  We promise to finish the job just as well. - June and Tim



I can add that I don’t believe Lulu would have been so well adjusted, unafraid of people or noises, and as easy to potty train if it hadn’t been for the early attention and socialization that Austin Labradoodles gave Lulu and her litter mates before I got her. - Sue


 Tango is super smart, and knows how to sit, shake hands and roll over.  He is a very social dog and loves everyone. He saw his reflection in our windows the other night and started barking at himself. It was really quite funny. We love him so much. Thanks for a wonderful puppy. - Kim