DoodleLane A Blizzard of One Snowflake "Snow"


         Medium Australian Labradoodle

        Sire: Alpenridge Dreaming of a Command


        Dam: Dreamer's Snickers



The title of Mark Strand's Pullizer prize poem "A Blizzard of One" is perfect for our Snow. She is so complete in herself, unique and full of energy. She puts her whole self into everything she does. When she runs, she can leap like a rabbit. When she lays on her back for belly rubs, her eyes close and she smiles, enjoying every minute of it. Sweet and affectionate, Snow lives in a wonderful guardian home in Spice wood where she loves to be spoiled by her family that includes a preteen young lady who loves animals.



Hips OFA                         Good


Elbows                             Normal


CERF                               Normal


PrcdPRA                          Clear


Cardiac                            Normal


Patella's                           Normal


vWD                                 Clear


EIC                                   Clear


IC                                     Clear


Parti                                 Carrier


Size                                  Medium


Color                                 bbee


Coat                                  Fleece

Color                                 Caramel Ice


Registration ALAA            038848