Shelby Avenue Crusader



        Medium Australian Labradoodle

        Sire: Doodle Lanes Firethorn

        Dam: Shelby Avenue Lilikoi



Maxx is sweet and intuitive. He is always cocking his head, trying to understand human language. Once I asked him where my other sock was, holding the matching one, and he led me right to it. He learned to ring the bell for potty within minutes of showing him how. His ability to understand is amazing! He loves adventures and is always ready for a walk or a game of catch. Maxx lives with us in our home.


Hips OFA                        Good


Elbows                            Normal


CERF                              Normal


PrcdPRA                          Clear


Cardiac                             Normal


Patella's                            Normal


vWD                                  Clear


EIC                                   Clear


IC                                     Carrier


Parti                                  Carrier


Size                                  Medium


Coat                                 Fleece

Color                               Caramel Ice


Registration ALAA          058171