Austin Stardust in Your Eye "Izzy"


     Medium Australian Labradoodle

        Sire:  Manor Lake Bohemian Rhapsody

        Dam: Austin's Fields of Gold


Izzy is sweet and playful. Full of energy and fun, she gets along well with her human family, and even the the cat can't put up too much fuss when Izzy wants to cuddle up beside her for an afternoon nap. Izzie's guardian family, who live in Austin, enjoy her immensely and she is a constant companion to parents and children. Happiness to Izzy is being with her human family!


Hips OFA                        Excellent


 Elbows                            Normal


CERF                              Normal


PrcdPRA                          Clear


Cardiac                             Normal


Patella's                            Normal


vWD                                 Clear


EIC                                   Clear


IC                                     Clear


Size                                  Medium


Color                                bbee


Coat                                 Fleece

Color                                Caramel Ice


Registration ALAA           49765