We are an ALAA Approved Australian Labradoodle breeder. This means our dogs must meet their requirements, including health testing. After much research, we made the decision to go above and beyond their basic requirements in order to provide the highest quality dogs.


The basic tests required by ALAA are hip and elbow screening for hip dysplasia on all breeding dogs and screening for PRA. For silver paw, the ALAA requires an eye exam every 18 months. We screen our dogs with an eye exam by a veterinarian certified in ophthalmology before breeding for all inherited eye diseases. We repeat the test if the dog remains in our program, however since our dogs are only used for 3 breedings this is often not necessary. For gold paw the ALAA requires eye screening as well as testing for Exercise Induced Colapse (EIC), an inherited condition. We test for many more inherited diseases, including PRA and VonWill. In addition, we screen for an undesirable coat trait.


We raise our puppies indoors, in our home. We expose them to household noises, neural stimulation as used by the U.S. military, multiple stimuli and challenges, as well as socialization. We feed them the healthiest diet possible and make sure they have plenty of play activities. We vaccinate our puppies ourselves in order to use a very high quality vaccine. You can be assured that everything is being done to breed the healthiest Australian Labradoodle puppies possible. All litters are registered with ALAA where you can order a pedigree when becoming a pet member. Being an ALAA registered Australian Labradoodle breeder means you can be assured we are responsible and accountable to an organization that has very strict guidelines and requirements in place that protect you as a buyer.


We choose our breedings dogs by both coat and confirmation, but above all temperament. As long as you socialize and train your puppy, he will be a wondeful family pet.