Labradoodledoo Cindy Lu Who "SOPHIE"


         Medium Australian Labradoodle

        Sire: Labradoodledoo Charlie Armani

                 Moto Moto

        Dam: Labradoodledoo Payton Annie

                  Fluffy Fluffy


We are thrilled to add Cindy Lu to our program. She comes from a long line of therapy dogs -several donated to  Canine Angels. Her temperament is calm, friendly and sweet. We look forward to her puppies in 2017. She lives with her guardian family in Austin. With children of varying ages there are always friends coming to visit. Cindy also gets to tag along with their Mom in her career as managing apartment buildings.


Hips OFA                        Excellent


 Penn ExcelHip              90th %tile


Elbows                            Normal


CERF                              Normal


PrcdPRA                          Clear


Cardiac                             Normal


Patella's                            Normal


vWD                                  Clear


EIC                                    Clear


IC                                     Carrier


Parti                                  Yes


Size                                  Medium


Color                                BbEe


Coat                                 Fleece

Color                                Black and

                                         White Parti


Registration ALAA           048084